Organic chocolate for use in the kitchen, preparations for lava cakes mousses, for use in your cooking, added to smoothies or eaten straight from the bag.

These organic chocolates can be used in cakes, sauces and mousses.

See the ‘Organic dark chocolate drops‘ for a mousse recipe.

See the ‘Raw pure cocoa mass‘ for a fantastic raw brownie recipe. Organic, fair, raw chocolate is made without roasting the beans or subjecting the ingredients to high heat. This preserves the full and vibrant fruity taste of the chocolate. This product has the minimum amount of processing in order to ensure that you get the maximum nutritional value and natural flavour

See the recipe for‘cocoa pasta with mushrooms for a original starter. The chocolate pasta is also great with the following pasta sauce ideas:

Dried tomatoes, chilli & olive oil

Ricotta, pecorino or parmesan & black pepper.

Fresh sage, butter, shallots, parmesan, black pepper & chopped 91% chocolate.

Clams, white wine, olive oil, shallots, garlic, red pepper.

Cream, gruyere, black pepper & parsley.

Cream, chopped 91% chocolate, black pepper

Green pesto, red pesto…




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