“Raw” Organic unsweetened Chocolate

12.90 CHF

Pure and Raw cocoa paste, also called cocoa mass, is full of the goodness of the magical cocoa bean.

Unroasted, just ground into a smooth dark paste. Ideal for raw cakes, raw brownies and raw smoothies.

Here’s a free recipe for a fantastic chocolaty raw brownie:

  • 500g – Stoned dates
  • 250g – Almonds
  •   80g – Raw cacao mass (leave it in a warm place, e.g. on a radiator, to become softish)
  •      ¼ – Vanilla pod (optional)
  •   30g – Water
  • 100g – Walnuts

Soften the cocoa mass first. Place a small metal bowl with the cocoa mass somewhere warm for 20 mins until it softens a bit.

Combine the dates, almonds, raw cocoa, vanilla and water in a food processor.

Process until it forms a smooth firm paste.

Remove from the food processor and fold in the walnuts.

Line a pan with baking paper or cling-film.

Press the chocolaty paste evenly in the pan.

Put the Raw brownies in the fridge for 2 hours.

Will keep two weeks in the fridge, 2 months in the freezer.



Raw Organic unsweetened chocolate

Sometimes called 100% cocoa mass is very usefull for biscuits and mouses and has a wonderfull rich flavour, very bitter you can sweeten it to taste.

  • Sachet, net weight: 200g
  • Swiss organic certification, Certification Bio: CH-BIO-006
  • Ingredients, all organic: cocoa/cocoa butter.

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