Pure and Raw Organic Cocoa Butter

12.90 CHF

Cocoa butter is cocoa oil obtained by pressing cocoa beans, useful for making pastries and desserts cocoa butter is a healthy alternative to dairy fats and coconut oil.

Here’s a free recipe for Chocolate Mousse using cocoa butter and avocado.

  • 250g      – Organic Dark chocolate drops
  •   25g      – Organic Cocoa Butter

Chop into small pieces and place in a bowl. Place the bowl in larger bowl filled hot water to melt the Chocolate coca mix.

  • 250g      – Almond Milk

Warm and pour over the molten chocolate /cocoa butter and mix to a smooth paste.

  • 1 avocado at room temperature

Mix up the avocado and incorporate to the rest.

Pipe or spoon into small dishes and cool in the fridge.



Organic and fair pure cocoa butter.

  • Sachet, net weight: 200g
  • Swiss organic certification, Certification Bio: CH-BIO-006
  • Ingredients, all organic: cocoa butter.

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