Organic & fair chocolate: Peru dark 70%

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This aromatic Peru organic & fair dark chocolate comes from the Peruvian rain forest and is grown in an agroforestry setting. You have to travel off the beaten track to find it, however it is certainly worth the effort. Tucked between fruit and forest trees these delicate cocoa bushes produce perfectly balanced, not bitter and both aromatic and smooth chocolate. Perfect for giving as a gift, for hot chocolate or eating just as it is!


Flavour profile: Well balanced, not bitter taste hints of biscuit, dates, honey, toast, roasted flavours

      • Strength : ♥ ♥ ♥
      • Sweetness : ♥ ♥
      • Fruitiness : ♥ ♥


Organic & fair Peru dark chocolate

  • Chocolate Bar, net weight: 100g
  • Hand-made in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Ingredients, all organic: cocoa/cocoa butter, raw cane sugar.
  • Biodegradable wrapper
  • Swiss Organic certification N°: CH Bio 006
  • Chocolate Pairing:
      • Expresso coffee, strong tea, Pinot noir, biscuits
  • Cocoa Sourced from:
      • Peru, Cooperativa Agraria Cacaotera, Acopagro
        • Region: Juanjui, Dept. San Martin
        • Founded 1997
        • Number of farmers: 2000
        • Average plantation size : 3 to 10 hectares
        • Soil type: diversified agroforestal lots with fruit and timber trees.
        • Cocoa bean variety: Criollo, trinitario
        • Fermentation: 3 days
        • Certification: Bio CH, Bio EU, NOP, FLO Fairtrade

Organic and fair ingredients

Durig Chocolatier Lausanne - Fine hand made organic chocolates

This chocolate is made from organic and fair cocoa, principally “fine and flavour” cocoa beans (Criollo) from Peru for a fuller flavour experience.


Handmade with passion

Durig Chocolatier Lausanne - Fine hand made organic chocolates

Our chocolates are freshly handmade everyday with passion by a team of 5 chocolatiers in our workshop on the Avenue d’Ouchy in Lausanne. This gives them more taste and means you can enjoy them super fresh.

© Durig Chocolat Fins sarl

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