Organic & fair chocolate: Belize dark 70%

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Belize 75% Organic and fair dark chocolate, delicious and bursting with life. Made from the highly prized heirloom bean “Maya Mountain”. This cocoa has won over 80 competitions world-wide and is renowned for its fine fruity flavour.

Profil des saveurs : Fine flavour, hints of honey, pineapple, raisin

      • Force : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
      • Sucré : ♥ ♥
      • Fruité : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Founded in 2010, Maya Mountain Cacao (MMC) has put Belize on the chocolate map as a pioneer of the social enterprise model and the country’s first exporter of high quality cocoa for the specialty chocolate market. MMC works with over 350 certified organic smallholder families in the Toledo and South Stann Creek districts, most of whom are indigenous Q’eqchi’ and Mopan Maya and have been producing high quality cocoa for generations. MMC’s 100% Belizean team ferments all the cocoa in a post-harvest facility where three unique sun-drying steps create optimal flavour. MMC was designated Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP) in 2014, and through extensive testing, we know that the majority of cocoa grown by families in MMC’s farmer network are Amelonado varieties and other High Amazon types. MMC is committed not only to being a sustainable, long-term and transparent partner to farmers, but also to producing unique, delicious and sweet cocoa that has a real positive impact on the communities of southern Belize. The beans carefully produced by the farmers in the Maya Mountain Cacao network offer consistent rich notes of honey, pineapple and sultana. The versatility of this flavor profile makes for a deeply delicious dark chocolate. In 2019, Maya Mountain Cacao received the Cocoa of Excellence Award, which placed it among the very best cocoa worldwide.


Organic & fair dark Belize chocolate

  • Chocolate bar, net weight : 100g
  • Handmade in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Ingredients, all organic: cocoa butter, raw cane sugar.
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Swiss Organic certification N° : CH Bio 006
  • Goes well with :
    • Red or white wine, fruit, cakes
  • Provenance du cacao:
    • Belize, Maya Mountain Cacao,
      • Region: Toledo and South Stann Creek districts
      • Founded 2010
      • Number of farmers: 43 women, 367 men
      • Average plantation size: 1 hectare
      • Soil type: Diverse tropical, intercropped with hardwoods, bananas and mangoes
      • Cocoa bean variety: Amelonado dominant hybrids and other Upper Amazon hybrids
      • Fermentation : 3 jours
      • Certification : Bio, NOP, FLO Fairtrade


Organic and fair ingredients

Durig Chocolatier Lausanne - Fine hand made organic chocolates

These chocolates are made with organic and fair trade cocoa, mainly “fine and flavourful” cocoa beans from Belize for a more pronounced taste.


Handmade with passion

Durig Chocolatier Lausanne - Fine hand made organic chocolates

Our chocolates are freshly handmade everyday with passion by a team of 5 chocolatiers in our workshop on the Avenue d’Ouchy in Lausanne. This gives them more taste and means you can enjoy them super fresh.

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