Organic honey Nougat

This soft organic honey nougat contains a secret that will give you a delightfully sweet experience.

This nougat is hand made exclusively with organic free-range eggs, beautiful organic honey, and organic and fair Paraguayan cane sugar.

Made in three variations these delightful treats will enchant you, choose between chocolate and hazelnut, pistachio and cardamom or ginger and almond.

What is the secret of perfect nougat? Well, perfect ingredients and attention to detail. First, egg whites are whipped to fluffy peaks, meanwhile a honey syrup is brought carefully to the boil at exactly the same time and slowly poured onto the egg whites to create a light honey caramel. Lastly, molten organic and fair chocolate and nuts are mixed into the fluffy caramel. After being allowed to cool the nougat is cut into bars and dipped into our signature organic dark chocolate before being wrapped in biodegradable cellulose film.

A lot of care and attention is needed to achieve perfect results. Our master confectioners love making this very special artisan creation and we are sure that you will love it too.

Try this classic treat, appreciated by young and old, made in three flavourful modern variations in our workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Chocolate and Hazelnut (Free range egg white*, honey*, raw cane sugar*, dark chocolate*, hazelnuts*)
  • Pistachio and Cardamom (Free range egg white*, honey*, raw cane sugar*, almonds*, pistachios*, cardamon*)
  • Ginger and Almonds (Free range egg white*, honey*, raw cane sugar*, dark chocolate*, ginger*, almonds*)


Enjoy this tender and perfect organic honey nougat.

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