As chocolatiers, we love making the best tasting chocolate.

Our mission is to make fantastic tasting chocolates, using only the best organic and fair ingredients.


We choose the best organic and fair ingredients in order to produce a top quality product. As a result of this, our products have an authentic full flavour. Our selection of ingredients rewards the farmers for great work.

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Our chocolates are made with a high cocoa content and less sugar. We use the best South American cocoa varieties. Cream and milk are delivered directly from a local organic Alpine farm which is based in the picturesque region of the Pays d’Enhaut.


Our chocolates are freshly made each day by a passionate team of five chocolatiers. All chocolates are made at our workshop on the Avenue d’Ouchy in Lausanne. Our chocolates have a fresh intense chocolaty taste.



We use organic ingredients to give you the best flavour.


High Quality

High quality organic cocoa guarantees you healthy full flavoured chocolates.



We use organic and fair cocoa and support small-scale organic farmers where we can.


Hand made in Lausanne

All our chocolates are hand made in our workshop in Lausanne.

The Durig Chocolatier Team

Dan Durig

The chocolatiers

What we do

Full flavour chocolates

We make great tasting chocolates using more cocoa and less sugar. We use full flavour cocoa beans. Our ingredients are organic and fair.

Rare Origin Chocolate Bars

We offer a range of rare origin chocolate bars. Each bar reveals the flavours of a specific region or estate.

Chocolate Corporate Gifts

We create delicious chocolate corporate gifts that can be personalised. We are confident that these gifts will be much appreciated by your customers and colleagues.

Chocolate Workshops

You can take part in a range of fun Chocolate workshops. We offer:

  • Chocolate making workshops
  • Personalised Team Building events
  • Chocolate Tastings.

See our Workshop page for details.

Chocolate Specialities

We offer an extensive range of organic chocolate specialities including:


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